Weekly rentals
from £25plus VAT
per week
  • We will deliver, install and set up the machine to your individual requirements, and provide you with instruction and training on using and cleaning the machine, as well as a comprehensive support and equipment replacement service
  • Pay a fixed weekly rental, with no minimum term or notice period attached
  • All we ask is that you keep the machine in good order, and purchase your coffee beans and cleaning products from us so we can ensure the quality of products being used in the machine.
Pay per cup
Call us on
07866 227799
  • Available to customers within our local area
  • You only pay us when you’re selling coffee and means there is minimum risk to you if you want to try out a machine. It also allows you to calculate clearly the profits on each drink you sell.
  • We will visit you each month to record the number of drinks used and supply you with coffee beans and cleaning products for your machine as required. (If your usage is low but you wish to keep the machine after a certain period, we will happily discuss options with you).

Need help choosing a machine?

  • Traditional

    • Coffee is you main business (i.e. a coffee shop)
    • You want the look and theatre of a Barista producing coffee
    • You need multiple operators to be able to use a machine at the same time
    • You want to produce numerous sizes and variations of drinks to suit individual customer requirements
  • Bean to cup

    • You want a machine that is easy to use but will produce consistency independant of the user
    • You will have a high turnover of staff using the machine (such as in a busy pub or restaurant)
    • There may be times when you are working alone or need to multi-task (such as in a sandwich shop)
    • The machine is for an office or self-serve environment
    • You don't have mains plumbing available

What type of machines do we install?

All our Bean to Cup rental machines have the following key features:

  • Option to make Espresso, Black Coffee, Latte and Cappuccino, all at the touch of a button
  • 'One-touch Cappuccino’ means the machine prepares a fresh Cappuccino without moving the cup
  • Coffee mixture, quantities and brewing temperature can be programmed to your specific requirements
  • Display provides user friendly instructions
  • Two bean hoppers provides a greater capacity or the option of a choice between coffee beans
  • Coffee and hot water can be drawn in parallel
  • Integrated rinsing and cleaning programmes for simple maintenance
  • No plumbing is required as the machines include a 5 litre water tank (can be plumbed in if required)
  • Designed to make up to around 100 cups/day
See short term hiring for events